Current Projects

Dave Fox, aka Dr. Drave

Pianist, composer, and songwriter Dave Fox performs his own material in live concerts at the grand piano. An expert of many piano styles, including classical, jazz, rock, and roots styles, the music is help together by a fresh approach to song styles and improvisatory forays.

The Meldavians

The Meldavians are Melissa Reaves, Scott Sawyer, and Dave Fox, plus touring members Zack Page (bass) and Kenny Soule (drums.) Their debut album Farewell Arigemon is still turning heads well after its 2012 release. Catchy hooks and creative improvisations coupled with Melissa Reaves’ timeless vocals helped to make The Meldavians a central North Carolina hit!

The Draves

With Roger Kohrs on bass (formerly with Unknown Hinson), you know this has got to be a hot band. Rounded out with Chip Newton on guitar, Mike Bolejack on drums, and Dave Fox on keys and lead vocals, The Draves present Fox’s latest compositions and some older hits in a tight four-piece combo.

The Dave Fox Group

Instrumental explorations into rhythms (both traditional and brand new) and tonalities (some traditional, some not so traditional) are the order of the day for the popular The Dave Fox Group. They have been reviewed in Downbeat, Cadence, Jazz Improv, and many others publications. The compositions are jazz that shares its border with the classical and rock states


As a professor of music at Greensboro College, where he has taught form more than twenty years, Fox has learned how to use music concerts to both entertain and educate. In lecture/recitals he explores such topics as creativity, the art of composition, the art of song writing, the blues, jazz, and many others.