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The music of composer and pianist Dave Fox, which is forward-looking but firmly grounded in the roots of American music with nods to European classical music, includes solo piano compositions, instrumental jazz, blues, and eclectic pop and rock. A native of North Carolina, Fox has collaborated with a wide range of well-known musicians, including Frank Gratkowski, Melissa Reaves, Eugene Chadbourne, Scott Sawyer, Bruce Eisenbeil, Mike Wezolowski, Wally West, Ron Brendle, Greg Hyslop, and Kenny Soule. Since beginning his recording career in 1999, he has released five jazz recordings and one rock/Americana album to critical acclaim.

“Fox’s approach on keyboards places the music squarely in the creative improvised sector and is anything but a compromise to popularity. He produces a plethora of diverse keyboard sounds; his attack is fully liberated, and his solos are well-designed, spontaneous outpourings.”
Frank Rubolina, Cadence Magazine

While continuing his work with the Dave Fox Group, his well-known jazz quartet, the year 2012 saw the completion of two long-awaited projects. His rock group The Meldavians (with Scott Sawyer and Melissa Reaves) released their debut album Farewell Arigemon on January 1, 2012. The companion book, The Illustrated Tales of Meldavia, Vol. 1: The Summer of Isnon also became available at that time. The group does occasional mini-tours throughout the North Carolina area.

In April 0f 2013 he recorded a jazz album with Kenny Soule, Zack Page, and Scott Sawyer. This recording of The Dave Fox Group (the first jazz recording in four years from Fox) will be released on producer Kip Williams’ new independent label based in Kernersville, NC. Kip is the owner of Teronus Studios, formerly Abaya Studios. Famed producer Jaime Laguereula is at the helm. The album is going to be released in a unique hi-def mp3 format.

He performs constantly in a variety of formats, from solo to small groups of from two to eight. Recent engagements include performances in Raleigh, Nashville, Scottsdale, Az, R.J. Reynolds High School for the Performing Arts in Winston Salem, NC., and the Altamont Theatre in Asheville, NC.

Fox holds a Ed.D in Music Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and undergraduate and masters degrees in Piano Performance from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. A full-time music professor at Greensboro College, Mr. Fox is also an instructor in piano at the prestigious John Coltrane Summer Camp in High Point, NC. His teaching at Greensboro College, where he has been for twenty years, include piano studies, piano proficiency, music fundamentals, music theory, music appreciation, composition, and directing the New Music Ensemble.

He resides in Greensboro, North Carolina with his wife Molly and various canines. He is originally from Meldavia, on the planet Teronus.

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